As you will all be aware the Highland Council has invested more than £5million pounds over the last few years, moving to a Chromebook model for school pupils and nurseries. As a result of the COVID emergency, even more funding has been provided to increase the number and ratio of Chromebooks available in primary schools.

Schools are respectfully reminded that Chromebooks should be considered the default device for pupils and nurseries, and that schools should NOT purchase ANY additional iPads for the following reasons;

  1. iPad’s are not part of the Wipro ICT Contract, nor are there any support arrangements from either Education or ICT Services. iPad’s are therefore completely un-managed and un-supported.

  2. Bandwidth in schools is limited and needs to be prioritised for use by Chromebooks and managed devices, therefore it is problematic to add any additional network devices such as iPad’s

It has therefore been agreed, with immediate effect, that no new requests to add iPad’s to the network, will be permitted.

Please investigate the Chrome store for the functionality you require that can be delivered via ChromeBooks.