Update for Schools 2

Why am I getting this communication?

Further to the email issued to all schools on 8th October (attached), we would like to advise all Primary schools further on how the refresh process will assess software requirements for teaching at each school.

What has happened to assess software requirements?

During the development of the Chromebook model, all schools were surveyed to confirm what was considered ‘essential’ windows software for teaching.

The responses clarified an original list of 157 software titles which were included in the ICT Contract with Wipro to be available for deployment during the schools computer refresh. Subsequently an additional 50 or so titles have been added, which are new to the estate since the original list was created.

All these software titles have subsequently been tested and packaged and are available for deployment during the upcoming refresh.

How will the refresh process deal with other software requirements?

Discussions have been held between ICT Services and the Education Management Team and it has been decided that it will be necessary for the refresh process to focus on the agreed list of software titles.

This focus is required to ensure that the new, more efficient and better performing computers are deployed to all Primary schools, as soon as possible, and within the agreed contractual timescales.

Subsequently it will not be possible for Wipro to include any other additional software titles within the refresh activity for a school. Any additional requirements identified will be dealt with separately.

How will this process work?

There will be a period of consultation prior to refresh, during which Primary schools can clarify which of the agreed software titles they still require. At the same time as this, any additional software requirements will be recorded for further assessment. This assessment will consider/clarify if the Windows titles requested are:

· Compatible (or not) with Windows 10 Devices

· Not educationally essential - not required to be installed

· GSuite equivalent application exists – not required to be installed

· A valid, unique requirement for that school. Further exploration required (possible costs to school if decision is to proceed)

This process will operate separately to the schools refresh project so as to not delay the critical refresh of new ICT equipment. The installation of any agreed software will be completed at a later date, assuming all relevant license information and installation media is available.

What happens next?

Firstly, over the next few weeks the initial Primary schools for refresh will be contacted to confirm refresh dates before Christmas.

Secondly, once the details have been agreed with Education the full schools refresh schedule will be published.

If you have any further queries please email ICT.ImplementationTeam@highland.gov.uk