Update for Schools 3

Computer refresh for schools

Why am I getting this communication?

This communication will provide key information about the schools' computer refresh project, what hardware and software will be provided and the processes and key communications to be used to deliver the refresh.

What types of computers will be provided?

The types of computers being provided vary according to the general requirements of the users.

Teachers will receive laptop computers. This will assist teachers providing a flexible, mobile solution.

Admin and Office Staff will receive new desktop computers

Primary pupils will have access to:

1. Chromebooks to access Google Suite, android applications and internet based resources

Secondary pupils will have access to (in addition to Chromebooks):

1. Thin Client devices. These devices allow access to a range of agreed software titles. The expectation is that thin client devices will only be deployed in learning suites.

2. Graphic workstations for graphical subjects where applicable.

What software titles will be available on the pupil devices?

During the development of the Chromebook model, all schools were surveyed to confirm what was considered ‘essential’ windows software for teaching. The responses clarified a list of software titles which were included in the ICT Contract with Wipro to be available for deployment during the schools computer refresh.

All these Windows software titles have been tested to work on the new computers and are now available for deployment. A link to the list of titles is available at the end of this bulletin.

Note: if a particular title has not been deployed, a short user test may be required as part of the refresh process.

It has also been agreed with Care and Learning that the refresh project will focus on this agreed list of software titles. Any other software requirements identified will be assessed and installed at a later date assuming all relevant license information and installation media is available.

This approach is vital to ensure (and not delay) the critical refresh of new ICT equipment.

What else is required to be done before the refresh happens?

Data Migration activity

1. Teachers and Admin staff to move personal work folders to OneDrive. Link to instructions to setup OneDrive

2. Pupils - All files to be moved to Google Drive, except Graphics files which will remain on shared drives.

3. All files on external storage (e.g. USB sticks, external hard drives) will need to be transferred onto OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive or deleted if not required.

Note: Sensitive and personal data files should continue to be stored on shared drives and never be accessed on Google drive or a non-council computer.

What process will be followed for the refresh of your school?

This communication is the first step in the end to end process. It is being issued to all schools to start the computer refresh process.

High level process steps

1. The Highland Council/Wipro to contact each school to agree refresh dates for your school.

2. The Highland Council will issue a spreadsheet to each school to confirm the specific device and software requirements for each user. Once this is completed and agreed, Wipro will initiate the 'build' of the new devices.

3. Wipro to discuss with each school

a. Availability of staff and scheduling of refresh slots (approx. 30 mins required for each teacher and member of staff).

b. Logistics around delivery and storage of new equipment

c. Preferred communications approach at each school, to organise refresh activities.

d. Any site specific issues/risks.

Next Steps

Highland Council will be in touch in due course to start planning your schools refresh activity, in the meantime should you have further queries please contact Sebastian O'Dell Sebastian.odell@highland.gov.uk