USB Drives

Usage of USB Hard Disk and Pen drive in the THC Win10 Environment:

  1. Copying data from the THC Win10 Device to an External HD / Pen drive:-

> Data can be copied from a THC Win10 device to a bit locker encrypted Pen drive only. Encryption process of a pen drive are explained below.

Encrypted External HD / Pen drive can be used like any other USB device (both in THC and personal computers). The only difference is to enter Password every time you plug the USB to any device.

  1. Copying data into THC Win10 Device from an External HD / Pen drive:-

>> There is no restriction. Any pen drive can be used. Bitlocker encryption not required.

Setting up External HD / Pen drive encryption :

  1. As soon as you plug in your USB device, the computer will prompt to encrypt the device
  2. Start the encryption
    1. Save the Recovery key into a share or print it and keep in safe custody
    2. Set the password (password with Uppercase, Small case and numbers)
  3. Start the encryption (Do not turn off or unplug during the encryption)
  4. Once complete, the USB can be used as any other USB (but have to enter Password)

Note : USBs encrypted using some other encryption tools might not work. It has to be encrypted using Bitlocker encryption only.