The Highland Council have put together training resources to accommodate the changes both for staff and for pupils

Teacher Advice 2017
School Leader Advice 2017

Signing into your Google account through a Windows device.

The video below will explain how to open Google Chrome and get signed into the browser. This will push out settings, bookmarks and extensions that your school or the ICT in Learning Team think are useful.

Google Training Centre

For all hints, tips and guidance with any of the G Suite tools, Google has created online resources to assist your professional development.

Follow the link to on the left to access this world of resources.

Google for Education Newsletter

G Suite Product Launches & Updates

We've had a busy start to the school year, and are sharing tons of product news. You can now use closed captions in Google Slides, and use hanging indents and set specific indentations using a dialog box in Google Docs. Jamboard is now available on the web, where you can open, create and jam right from a Chrome browser, and also share ‘View Only’ jams, and assign through Classroom.

Speak at our Bett Teaching Theatre

Join Google for Education at stand C230 at Bett 2019. We are currently taking submissions for stories at our Teaching Theatre, which will be open until the end of November.

New EDU in 90 Episodes

Don't miss the latest episodes of the Google for Education video series, EDU in 90. Learn about Google Drawings for the classroom, Chromebook shortcuts, Google Classroom updates, and more.

Bring life to old devices with CloudReady & Chrome Device Management

Lilian Baylis Technology School in Vauxhall, London - rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted’, has recently brought 200 old devices to life with Neverware CloudReady, making technology more widely accessible for their students. See their story here.

Chrome OS and G Suite Accessibility

Educators use technology to help students succeed. Google for Education strives to support teachers, and one of the ways we are doing that is through built-in accessibility features in our products that aim to assist the diverse needs of all students. Read the full blog post for an overview of a few useful accessibility settings.

Science Journal Drive integration

Google's Science Journal is integrating with Google Drive. Now, all experiments will be accessible through user’s accounts. New to Science Journal? Watch as it transforms your device into a pocket-size science tool that encourages students to explore their world.

Google Science Fair is now open for submissions

Encourage your students to share their ideas to solve a real-world problem using science, technology, engineering and math - now through December 12th. This year, we have created a full library of teaching resources and classroom materials focused on the problem-solving process to help you & your students through every step of the process.

New Research About the Power of Technology Coaching

It's been one year since we worked with non-profit Digital Promise to launch the Dynamic Learning Project — a program that supports high-need schools across the country as they build and grow instructional technology coaching programs. Now, we're excited to share the Dynamic Learning Project's first report.

Student Selector in Google Classroom

From popsicle sticks to notecards, instructors encourage class participation in creative ways. Now Google Classroom can help, too - use the student selector on Android devices to randomly call on students & ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to share.

Celebrate CSEdWeek 2018 with CS First

Try an Hour of Code for this year’s Computer Science Education Week with Google! The CS First team is excited for educators and students to try ournew activity, “An Unusual Discovery."

Teacher Notable Women with Augmented Reality

Bring Notable Women to your classroom this year with a new augmented reality experiment by former Treasurer of the US Rosie Rios and Google Creative Lab, which lets anyone see historic American women where they’ve historically been left out: U.S. currency. Notable Women includes dedicated resources for teachers, including Common Core aligned lesson plans, classroom posters, and more.

Bulletin: a new product from Google

Have a cool robotics competition going on? In the race for state soccer? You can now share updates in real-time with Bulletin from Google, an effortless way to create & publish public hyperlocal stories, right from your phone & straight to the web.

Instantly create Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites or Forms with .new

Introducing a .new time-saving trick for users. Type any of domains to instantly create Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites or Forms.

Introducing the WeVideo Digital Storytelling Toolkit

This school year, bring more student storytelling into your classroom. WeVideo just launched a free digital storytelling toolkit, which includes a series of video project ideas, graphic organizers, and rubrics to help educators get started.

Tynker & Google Webinar Series: Nov 6-29

Tynker is hosting a free webinar series for educators who use Chromebooks in their classrooms to demonstrate how easily coding can be taught with Tynker and Google tools with more than 35 coding activities for students.

An introduction to the Chromebook Tab: Dec 4-13

The ease of management of a Chromebook combined with the creativity and versatility of a tablet. Come along to this free half-day training event to learn more about G Suite for Education and the Chromebook Tab 10, with particular emphasis on educating younger learners. Join us here.